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Our Fixed Rate Loans provide stability you & your family can rely on.

Fixed Interest Rate Loans

Are you looking for a traditional loan with no strings attached?
Would you like the safest type of loan with the lowest payment that you can get, with the option to make additional payments and pay the loan off sooner?
Would you like to have the same mortgage loan payment for the life of the loan?
If you answered "yes" to any of those questions above, then this could be the loan for you!  All of our mortgage loans come as fixed rate unless you specify otherwise.

None of Liberty Home Mortgage's loans have prepayment penalties, which means that you can make additional payments as you choose and pay your loan off as soon as you would like.

With our special, 5% down conventional loan, YOU have the option to have no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and save even more money on a monthly basis. Our multiple PMI options puts the power into YOUR hands to help with your financial decisions.
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