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What It Takes To Get Pre-Approved

What It Takes To Get Pre-Approved

So you want to purchase a home, and you're wondering what the steps are in order to get pre-approved? Prepare to be amazed! Step 1:
Pick up the phone and call us. Within three minutes over the phone we'll collect your personal information and do a credit check. You can also apply online. Step 2:
This step will involve you sending over your bank statements, tax returns, paystubs, W2s, and any other documents so we may review them and determine how much you qualify for. This information can be faxed, emailed, mailed, hand-delivered, delivered by carrier pigeon, or however else you can get the paperwork to us.

After completing steps one and two, both you and your real estate agent will be given the pre-approval. When Liberty Home Mortgage pre-approves you, you'll also be told how much home you can afford, how much money you will need along with the payments and terms of the loan. From there, your agent will take you around to see which homes are out there for you to purchase.

At Liberty Home Mortgage, we believe in being thorough, while still making sure that the process is convenient and done as quickly as possible since you don't have time to waste.

This quick tip is brought to you by your friends at Liberty Home Mortgage, the homebuying experts who specialize in tough deals. To get pre-approved today, call us at 1-440-838-5291, or apply online here.
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