How To Raise Your Credit Score

So you applied for a mortgage loan, or were thinking about it, but have to work on your credit. Now, fixing credit takes a serious commitment. So if you’re not ready to dig your feet in and spend some money, this video might not be for you. 

Step One:

Get your hands on your credit. You can’t fix something that you can’t see. You need to get copies of your credit reports and review them. Visit,,, or to purchase copies of all three credit reports. 

Step Two:

Commit 30 minutes to reading over your report and understand what it shows. 

Step Three:

Pay off all collections and credit cards. 

Step Four:

Reorder new credit reports to make sure that the accounts have been updated. 

Step Five:

Open up two to three credit cards. You can visit and look into opening up a few secured credit cards. 

In the end, fixing credit is difficult, frustrating, and takes time. Be patient and understand that nothing ever worth having came easy – so get ready to work. 

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