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We are a purchase-oriented company. What does this mean for you?

Purchase Products

We focus on the mortgage programs which are built to assist all homebuyers in purchasing their new home. From First-time homebuyer programs to rehab loans to unique collateral products. If we do not have the program, our senior management team is working diligently to obtain that product.
Our pre-approvals actually mean something. Many lenders issue pre-approvals as if they are being printed off of a printing press. We do an extremely thorough job in making sure that you will get qualified for a mortgage loan before you spend your time and your agent's time in looking for homes only to later find out that you never qualified in the first place.
What you are quoted is what you will end up with. Of course, property taxes, homeowners insurance and other items such as that could vary from the initial application, but we constantly keep our homebuyers updated on where their payment will end and what they can expect.
When you need us and have a question, we are available. We realize that a very important day of the week for home shopping is Sunday and evenings which is why our representatives are always available at these times.
Buying a home is quite possibly the largest financial investment in an individual's lifetime. For this reason, we take this process extremely serious which is why we have dedicated our company to this process.
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