Welcome to Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation

Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation is a direct lender which means that all of your mortgage loan decisions are made by us. We do not shop your credit around to multiple lenders. We are the lender. We offer a full array of lending products. From Conventional to FHA, VA and USDA to rehab loans, purchase, refinance, debt consolidation and mortgages for less than perfect credit and hard to verify income borrowers, we cover almost all residential type mortgage loans.

Home Mortgage Basics and Common FAQs

If you're just branching out and thinking about living on your own, the thought of a home mortgage might be daunting. The same could be true if you've always been a renter, or if you're working on rebuilding credit. Regardless of your life situation, there is definitely a good home mortgage product for you. Another thing we're sure of? You will have a ton of questions. Along with our blogs, videos and FAQ section, here we're going to get back to the basics and cover some commonly asked questions about home mortgages.