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Spring 2023: You’re Ready To Buy A New Home, But Is It The Right Time?

In the home buying market, as in so many areas of life, the last few years have been wild. If you had dreams of homeownership that had to be put on hold, you might be hearing the latest financial news and wondering if the time is right to realize your goal.

At Liberty Home Mortgage, we’re here to help. We know that the home buying process can feel overwhelming, but if you’re ready for the leap, a purchase expert can help you to make a safe landing. Here’s what you need to know.

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A Full Array of Mortgage Lending Products

We offer a full line of mortgage products designed to help you purchase or refinance your home. Some of those products include:

  • FHA, VA and USDA mortgage products
  • Rehab loans
  • Loans for hard-to-verify income borrowers and less than perfect credit borrowers

At our core, we are a purchase-oriented mortgage lender. This is why we put such a high premium on service. Any real estate professional will understand that statement and we stand firmly by it.

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Our company is based on service and satisfaction. Efficiency is what we pride ourselves in and we believe in making everything as easy as possible. This is why we have streamlined the application process. As a customer, you need answers right now. All of our systems operationally are designed to meet that need.

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Employment Opportunities

Are you wanting to partner with a goal-oriented company who believes in maintaining a positive work environment, maintaining an aggressive compensation plan and is constantly looking to improve our systems and operations?

Do you know of someone who would thrive in that type of environment and they are looking for a change themselves?

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Frequently Answered Questions

Who Are We?

Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation is a direct lender which means that all of your mortgage loan decisions are made by us. We do not shop your credit around to multiple lenders. We are the lender.

What Types of Mortgages Do We Offer?

Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation offers a full array of lending products. From Conventional to FHA, VA and USDA to rehab loans, purchase, refinance, debt consolidation and mortgages for less than perfect credit and hard to verify income borrowers, we cover almost all residential type mortgage loans.

When Are We Available?

Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation Representatives are available seven days a week. We even have a customer care hotline for our clients to call if they are unable to reach their Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation Loan Representative outside of normal business hours.

How Is Our Reputation In The Industry?

Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation's Management Team and Ownership has an impeccable reputation in the mortgage and real estate industry. For many years, Company Leadership has provided educational seminars throughout the country for attorneys, real estate agents and other industry professionals along with transacting business with thousands of satisfied customers. Liberty Home Mortgage Corporation definitely believes that its reputation speaks for itself. This is something which our new clients will come to know when they choose to do business with our Team.